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FL Bakery and Restaurant



About Us

Bakery dedicated to serve breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, pastries, coffee, bread and more!

FL Bakery & Restaurant is a family-owned food enterprise where Puerto Rico's rich cuisine and vibrant culture converge. President & Owner, Rafael Roman opened the first location in Kissimmee in July 2020, and two years later, he is expanding to his second location in Orlando. The restaurant currently distributes its signature “Pan Sobao” (sweet bread), and traditional Puerto Rican pastries to dozens of coffee shops and restaurants across the Greater Orlando area. For Puerto Ricans living in Florida, the bakery’s warm ambiance, friendly service, and menu staples, such as “breakfast cremas” - oatmeal, farina, and cornmeal – make them relive childhood memories. And for those that did not grow up on the “Isla del Encanto”, the bakery offers an “island” of flavors to delight them.

Today, Roman runs six bakeries in Puerto Rico, two bakeries, and a distribution warehouse in Central Florida. Combined, the company creates approximately 350 direct jobs and generates approximately 500 indirect jobs. With the addition of the Lake Nona and Altamonte Springs bakeries, expected to open in 2023, the company’s estimated economic impact on the Central Florida economy will likely surpass the $17 million mark.

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