Juan Valdez Colombian Coffee

Juan Valdez Colombian Coffee



About Us

We are the Colombian coffee growers' shop. Our spirit lies in that we are the only coffee chain legitimately owned by more than 500,000 coffee growing families and small producers around Colombia. We honor the passion and hard work of each coffee growing family we represent by bringing to you the very best from our origins: authentically Premium Colombian coffee from the farm to the cup.


  • https://www.juanvaldezcafestore.com/store-locator/
  • https://www.juanvaldezcafestore.com/about-us/
  • https://www.juanvaldezcafestore.com/shop/
  • https://www.juanvaldezcafestore.com/subscription/
  • https://www.juanvaldezcafestore.com/franchises/


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