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Revitalizing Infusion Therapies



About Us

1 in 5 adults in the US experience mental illness, which means it also further impacts many millions more family and friends. Are you, or someone you know, one of those that is still struggling with Depression? Anxiety? PTSD? OCD? Or Migraines? Fibromyalgia? Chronic pain? If yes, you are not alone.

This is why Revitalizing Infusion Therapies exists - to bring hope and relief to those who continue to suffer from these debilitating disorders. We offer breakthrough treatments that have the power to transform. Every facet of our clinic has been built with healing of the mind…in mind. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care along with the best possible outcomes for patients. Working with your primary care provider and mental health specialists, we create a safe, effective treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. 

We also understand that the environment can have a significant positive impact on the effectiveness of your treatments.  That is why we have spared no expense in creating the optimal environment where your healing can begin. No other facility in Florida can come close to the spa-like atmosphere you will experience here at Revitalizing Infusion Therapies!

We also offer a wide variety of Vitamin infusions. Our treatments will restore hydration, mental focus, increase in energy and vitality, so you can seize the day! They have also proven effective for their anti-aging benefits, revitalizing your skin and appearance! We invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Haven’t you suffered long enough?

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