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I have been photographing various things throughout most of my life. I have photographed models, kids, families, weddings, commercial product, glamour, boudoir, fine art nudes, and God's handiwork across this great nation of ours.

Every thing changed when the possibilities opened to take a camera above the landscape with a drone.

Technology has advanced to a degree that the sensors on the drones used in professional photography and video are of a better quality than many of the large format digital cameras from only a few years back.

Stunning 4k video is now possible as well as photos shot in RAW format. RAW format removes all compression, giving the professional photographer the ability to produce a much higher quality edit for the final product.

As a FAA part 107 certified pilot, it is my duty to remain within the confines of the law and airspace regulations regarding all flights and planned projects. Just “throwing up a drone” can have significant fines and legal consequences to anyone who does to for any commercial photography purposes.

It is for this reason that contacting us well in advance of your project is always a better option for your professional drone photography and video ideas. While this is not to say that we can’t work and produce quickly, it’s best to have some degree of planning.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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