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Samaritana del Pozo - Help for Women without Husbands

Samaritana del Pozo - Help for Women without Husbands



About Us

Our mission is to support, empower and develop leaderships skills in Women Without Husbands; divorced women, widows and single mothers. We have created hundreds of community support groups for women in USA, Europe and all Spanish speaking countries in Latin America. We developed a leadership program that encourage women to facilitate community support groups for women in their communities.

Our programas and classes are designed to transform women’s lives by restoring hope and empowering them to help break the cicle of abuse and poverty.

We manage our local and international affairs from our office in Downtown Kissimmee, FL. In our office we coordinate a pantry, classes, support groups, mental health services referrals and much more.

Our social media pages have 400,000+ followers. We reach between 1-2 million women a month. My blog is read more than 200,000 times per year in 70 countries.


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Betzaida Vargas
Executive Director

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